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Is your relationship letting you down, emotionally and/or sexually?

A romantic relationship is often one of the most significant sources of support - and stress - for an adult. Yet many people feel unhappy in their relationships, and don't know how to fix it. Any attempt at communication leads to a fight, your sex life is a disappointment, and you're just trying to get through the day. A fulfilling, loving relationship feels like a pipe dream.  

Couples often end up in ruts because they can't break out of their unhealthy patterns. Whether working with both members of a couple or just one, therapy can help shift those patterns towards better communication, stronger connection, and a more satisfying emotional and sexual relationship. Whether sex is actively uncomfortable or just not a priority, therapy can address the issues and help you reach your goals for romance and intimacy. Whether you're fighting all the time or just living parallel lives, therapy can help you understand the problems so you can find your partner again.  

Call today to see if therapy can help you live your best lives together. 

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