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Are you struggling to create the family you want?

It can sometimes seem like everyone around you is able to have children easily - however many they want, whenever they want​ to. When it doesn't work that way for you, you can feel angry, heartbroken, disappointed in yourself and/or your partner, and deeply alone in your pain. Infertility and pregnancy loss are more common than it might feel, and there is help to cope with the complex feelings they bring up. 

There are many different forms infertility can take. From difficulties conceiving to recurrent miscarriages to secondary infertility, each journey is its own painful process. While the endocrinologists do what they can on the medical side, many people coping with infertility find themselves badly in need of emotional support.

Therapy can help you to process the sadness and anger, the sense of betrayal and loss, the grief and the trauma. All of these are natural responses to infertility itself and to the treatments for it. You are not alone, and there is help available. 

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