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About Avigail

I am a clinical psychologist with experience doing therapy and evaluations with people of all ages. My work centers on viewing things contextually and looking at how they interact and influence one another. I believe that every person, and every problem, exists in a context, and that understanding the context will help to understand the person, or the problem. I apply this approach in slightly different ways to the different aspects of my work - individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, and comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations. You can check out the pages on each of these services to see how I can help you put things in context to help you reach your goals.

My approach to therapy draws primarily from relational and interpersonal schools, but I make use of an eclectic mix of modalities to work with each patient where they are. I have extensive experience working with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, and identity exploration.


I offer evaluations for learning disabilities, developmental delays, and a variety of psychodiagnostic and psychoeducational concerns. Throughout my training and career, I have conducted evaluations for all ages, from children under age two to adults. 

I am licensed in both the state of New York (Psychology License #022182) and the state of New Jersey (Psychology License #6096). In addition, I am licensed for teletherapy provision through Psypact, which allows me to provide virtual mental health services in 27 states (and counting). I also teach at New York University in the Mental Health and Wellness program, training developing clinicians through courses on trauma, couples and family therapy, and practicum supervision.

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