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"I try to be good to others, but they don't treat me the same."

Does this sound familiar?

Do you put all your energy into taking care of others' needs? Do you focus so much on others that your own needs often go unmet? Do you sometimes find it difficult even to think about asking for help? Do you move through all of your relationships - with friends, partners, family, and co-workers - hoping that someone will finally take care of you for a change? 

Do you worry constantly about not doing enough for the people around you? Are you always trying to do more and be better, but find it hard to make time and space for self care? Do you beat yourself up for every little mistake, but don't hold others to the same standard when it comes to them meeting your needs?

So many of us learn early on that taking care of others helps us connect. We want to be good to others, and it gets us great feedback. Who doesn't like a giving friend? The problem is that being such a giver leaves you drained and exhausted and anxious - and often your friends aren't jumping in to give back to you in a way that replenishes your energy and resources. That can leave you angry and sad, and without supports to deal with those feelings. 

Therapy can help you to make space for yourself and to value yourself and your needs. It can help you learn how to identify what you want and how to ask your loved ones for what you need from them. It can help you let go of the self-blame and self-doubt. It can help you create the life and relationships you deserve.

Call today to see if therapy can help you live your best life. 

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